insulation manhole moudings

Insulation for lofts and cavities. 65mm and 75mm for cavities, 100mm and 150mm for lofts.

Plastic chambers, risers and manhole covers

Large range of timber mouldings, ranging from quadrant to dowel. Mostly 2.4m long.

pipe saws tuberack

Range of underground and soil pipe available, includes all fittings (bends, branches, couplers etc..)

Handsaws, junior hacksaws, coping saw, hi tension hacksaw, all in stock

Large range of silicones, sealants and adhesives, wonder wipes and decoratorís filler

cement lead plaster

Multicem castle cement sold, 25kg bags

Lead sold in code 3 (green tape) and code 4 (blue tape) available in 6m or 3m rolls

Plaster boards and plasters. 1220x900 and 1800x900 sold at 9.5mm thick. 1800x900 and 2400x1200 sold in 12.5mm thick.

plaster2 pva etc Sand

Plaster available including multi finish, board finish, bonding, hardwall and drywall adhesive. All sold in 25kg bags

PVA, admix, tile adhesive, tile grout, poly filler

Pea gravel (10mm stone) and 20mm stone in stock, also available for delivery loose or in bulk bags.

sand-2 timber rack tools

Ballast, mill waste, sharp sand and plastering sand. Sold by the bag, bulk bag and loose tonne.

Large range of rough sawn and planed timber

Wide range of tools to suit trade and DIY

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